Jenna & Niamh
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During our first pregnancy and whilst out shopping for the usual items required to survive as new parents (Gin & Tonic’s with a slice...Just kidding!) - we were looking for somewhere to record all the new memories we would be making.

We wanted something to not only cover our pregnancy journey but also information about our donor and the usual milestones our baby was reaching.

We were fed up of seeing ‘Mummy & Daddy’ or ‘Partner’. We both felt we were ‘Mummy’ and so hence the beginning of Our First Story - for two mummies or two daddies!

Baby record books with two mummies in mind or two daddies!

Our books cover from how mummies or daddies first met, to their donor (sperm or egg) or surrogate and their pregnancy journey - no matter which treatment path they took as well as the typical milestones including - first visitors, day out, Christmas, walking and talking to monthly updates.