Welcome to our first story

Created for two mummies or two daddies


Where our first story began...


Whilst out shopping for the usual items required to survive the first few weeks of becoming parents (Gin, Tonic & Lemon...Just kidding!) - we were looking for somewhere to record all the memories we were making.

We wanted something to not only cover our pregnancy journey but also information about our donor and the usual milestones our baby was reaching - as well as being for two mummies.

Hence the beginning of Our First Story - for two mummies or two daddies!


For Mummies

Baby record books for two mummies. Available in soft or hard back editions.


For Daddies

Baby record books for two daddies. Available in soft or hard back editions.



for Mummies & Daddies

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Personalised Options  

We do offer the option for personalised baby record books.

Personalising your own book will mean you have the options to:

  • Add the family name
  • Pre-load any photos into the pages before the baby is born - such as 'about the mummies or daddies' and the 'pregnancy journey'
  • Pre-load any information to support the inserted photo's
  • Single parents - Update pages to one mummy or daddy 
  • Removal of the donor and or surrogate page (but retain the two mummies or two daddies unless a single parent)


If you would like to discuss a personalised book - please email: info@ourfirststory.co.uk for more information.

Prices range from*:

Hardback - £85 - £175


*Prices depend on level of personalisation and are for hardback edition only